Who plays in Resonance?

One of the special things about Resonance is that our musicians come from a variety of backgrounds. We have adults, adolescents and children, from different schools and workplaces.

Resonance musicians commit to 1.5-2 hours of rehearsal time a week, as well as approximately four Sunday workshops a year, private practice of their parts, and performances.

Entry requirements

To qualify for Resonance String Orchestra, you must:

  • Play the violin, viola, cello, or double bass;
  • Currently take lessons with an instrumental teacher and
  • Sit an audition with the Resonance Directors of Music.

To qualify for Resonance Senior Strings, you must:

  • Sit an audition with the Resonance Directors of Music and play violin, viola, cello or double bass. 

The standard of our musicians ranges from First Grade AMEB in the Third Violin/Second Cello section of the main orchestra, to 8th grade/A.Mus standard in the Senior Strings. There's something for everyone!

What happens in rehearsal?

We generally start rehearsals with some stretches, to help prepare our bodies for playing. Sometimes we start with a game or an activity. We either rehearse as a whole orchestra, or run sectional tutorials. Both formats have an emphasis on developing:

  • ensemble skills: playing conducted and un-conducted
  • aural skills, including rhythm and singing
  • string-playing techniques
  • sight reading
  • skills and experience in performing, including a broad range of styles
  • leadership

Whole orchestra rehearsals give musicians the chance to hear pieces in their entirety and to learn how all of the sections relate to each other. The sectional tutorials provide the opportunity to work with a string specialist tutor in small groups, focusing on specific details and difficulties of the part.